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How many times do i have to cry,
before you would acctually listen?

Love can tear and rip you apart, but if you're very lucky, it can put you back together.

Everyone tells me I deserve better, but I dont want better, I want YOU!
I want you to stay...At least will you try?
I want to love you...Please dont say goodbye.

The way you look at me lets me know theres got to be more than friendship between us.
I know that things aren't the same, but that doesn't mean that I dont wish they were...
She thinks back to an old memory.
She closes her eyes and smiles.
Just ask her if she thinks about him, and she'll say "every once in a while".

I'm fighting back emotions I've never had before...all because I'm not supposed to love you anymore.
I'll be waiting for you, I'll wait until tomorrow, whats another day?
When I've been waiting my whole life just for you.

I've never had so many uncontrolable feelings for somenoe who didn't care...
It's so hard pretending that seeing you with her doesnt tear me apart..
&& Yes, you're something I dont deserve & my lips are screaming pretty nothings!

You don't stay with the one you can live with...but go for the one you cant live without...
The one thats got you torn into pieces the one you cant stop crying about

You know, I still wait for your messages, as sad as it may seem.
I haven't given up the thought that you'll come back to me.
I think about it day and night, and even in my dreams.

When you think about him, you start to cry...
When he gets online your tummy gets that feeling and your heart beats ten times faster...
When you see him you smile without even knowing it...That means there's something that wont let you give up!

&& She spends so much time dressing up for the boy that will never care!
&& as she stepped on the scale...She looks up at herself in the mirror...
With tears running down her cheeks..."will i ever change?" she asked herself...
"will i ever be good enough for him?"...she complains...
she steps off the scale...opens the drawer...&& slowly bleeds her pain away...

& you know im only crying my eyes out thinking of you...
They ignore eachother & look the other way...
But deep down inside, they both know it wasn't supposed to end this way...

Am I over him? Or have I just accepted the fact that I have to be?
Everyday I catch myself staring at you, wondering if I'll ever get another chance, another day to be in your arms...
After all the things you put me through, I cant bring myself to get over you...
Two people who broke up could never be friends & if they are, they are either still in love Or they never were...
Eveyone keeps telling me to get over you & move on...
obviously they dont know how hard I've already tried!

It's funny how the person I thought I didn't want Is the person I needed all along...
Welcome to broken hearted air ways, thank you for crasing & burning with us today.
Can you honestly look me in the eyes and tell me you dont care about me anymore?
I know we've been through so much stuff & it seems like we're stuck in the past I know that if we work for this we can make it last.
Our memories are my lulibyes They sing me to sleep everynight.
Prove to me that words are real - Tell me what you really feel...
I wanna hate you so bad, but I cant stop this anymore than you can.
I need you to -p r e t e n d- were in love again.
It's like everytime I take a step away from you... Something is pulling me back...Telling me I need you in my life!
Part of me wants to erase you from my past While another part of me still wants you in my future!
Something in my heart tells me that I would have never know love if I hadn't met you...
Part of me wants to erase you from my past While another part of me still wants you in my future!
It breaks my heart when you call me your friend.
You just dont know how much you needed it until you cant have it anymore...
I am laying here crying.
I don't need advice.
I don't need pity.
I don't need lectures.
I don't need chocolate.
I don't need jokes.
All I want need, is him. <33

I don't understand why God would let us meet, knowing that we could never be together.
*.: You dont realize how much you care about someone...Untill they dont care about you :.*
*~*Im holding on to something that used to be there, hoping it will come back, but knowing it wont*~*
I don't really mind if I'm nothing in your eyes. It's no surprise to me...
My tears fall for the one who said would never make me cry.
Everyone says to give up on you,
But they don't see you like I do.
You're the one who broke my heart,
You're the reason my world fell apart.
You're the one who made me cry,
Yet, I still love you,
And I'm not exactly sure why...

when i wake up in the morning...So weak I can't get up...
I think of spending another day alone...that's when i miss you!

Once upon a year gone by...she saw herself give in... Every time she closed her eyes...she saw what could have been...
I'm holding on to something that used to be there, hoping it will come back, but knowing it won't...
While they dance she holds him close,
While he dreams of another can't wait to let her go
Same old story, everyone knows...
One heart holding on, the other letting go...

Someone can walk into your life and it is not until after they walk out that you realize that they were even there.
Everytime I look at you - I just cant look away.
All I want to do is leave - But something is forcing me to stay.

Its not the fact that i miss being your girlfriend...
I just miss being in your life...

When we're apart my heart just shatters...
But when we're together nothing else really matters...
Except me with you and you with me...
Boy I love you more than you could ever see...

&& u cant leave me if im already gone!
&&.Sometimes broken things make a better building supplies...
Playing with my feelings...
Playing with my heart...
As soon I know you don't love me...
My heart will be break apart.

I Miss Seeing Your Head On The Pillow Next To Mine In The Mornings...
If I Could Have One Last Dance With You, I'd Play A Song That Would Last Forever.
Wish to delete you in my memory.
iHATEyou-- for not loving me back.

I'm holding on so tight cause my heart is broken!
I want to run away, but far enough for you to miss me.
what matters most, what matters all is you.
no matter what you have done to me, i will always forgive you, and everything that you did.

The truth might hurt me, but lies will kill me.
You said you'd never hurt me...But yet I've been in the worse pain of my life when you left...
There Is No Market 4 Ur Sorrows, So never advertise ur feelings...
When you used to hug me. I never wanted you to let go.
When you look at me. I always wanted to kiss you.
When you hold me close when i am hurt. All i can ever do is want you. <3
♥ I miss you so much & I want you!

so LONELY without you :[
I am laying here crying.
I don't need advice.
I don't need pity.
I don't need lectures.
I don't need chocolate.
I don't need jokes.
All I want need, is him. <33

How can you "believe" if in the middle of the word "believe" was the word "lie"????
I am not a toy- So sorry you can't play with my heart.
What if the one who gave that promise is the one who broke it?
How many times do i have to cry..before you would acctually listen?
We used to be like spongebob and patrick, NOW we're like batman and the joker.
Even though you&me are no longer a we, I still get butterflies when you look into my eyes!
nd i miss the goodtyms..
& i wishh iht could b the same way
buhh those days are gone
nd there's no reason to stay.

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